The Early Childhood Caregiver Relational Wellness Inventory.

The Early Childhood Caregiver Relational Wellness Inventory.

Early childhood settings differ in their philosophies, policies, and practices regarding caring for young children. Working for a program that aligns with your own personal philosophies is an important step towards staying connected to your work and building resiliency.

Respond to and reflect on each of the following statements.

The Early Childhood Caregiver Relational Wellness Inventory

  1. My values, beliefs, and philosophy regarding caring for young children is complimentary to those of the center.
  2. When challenges occur at the center, I feel supported by fellow staff members and administration to collaborate in problem solving efforts.
  3. Opportunities to engage in reflective practices are a priority of the center administration.
  4. I feel my supervisor(s) support my efforts to further my training, professional development, and/or education.
  5. Inclusion and diversity are encouraged and celebrated ate the center so that many perspectives and voices are represented


1. Explore the relationship between puberty and identity formation. How might biological changes impact an individual’s sense of self and self-esteem during adolescence?

2. Can you share a personal example or case study that highlights how early or late puberty can affect an individual’s self-image and confidence?

Question 2

B. Write a scholarly article on Mental health treatment, programs that focus on inmates based on reformative measures

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