the implementation of empowerment

An older adult may present with debilitative health conditions that affect the patient interview. Assess the following statements to determine which reflects older adults and the history interview process. Sensory loss should be ignored to avoid patient embarrassment. Older adults may experience an alteration in cognitive skills. .

A provider is conducting a comprehensive patient interview. Determine the statement that identifies a patient who would warrant a comprehensive history and exam. A patient who is seeking care for multiple health conditions A patient who is seeking care for a medication refill A patient who presents for an annual evaluation A patient who is seeking care for lower back pain

Jared is a certified nursing assistant working an assisted living facility. He provides residents with ADL assistance and restorative care. Reviewing the chart of a resident, Mr. Jones, Jared sees a notation that states that Mr. Jones is taking anti-inflammatories po and will continue RL rehab. What is the meaning of the abbreviation po in Mr. Jones’s chart? a. Positive b. By mouth c. Physical therapy d. Occupational therapy

During the implementation of empowerment, setting the stage for generating and demonstrating organizational support is referred to as preparation. implementation. maturation. investigation

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