the importance of a behavioral approach in psychology to Skinner’s development

From Watson’s declaration of the importance of a behavioral approach in psychology to Skinner’s development of radical behaviorism to the present day, applied analysis has grown and expanded in both theory and application. This week, you are learning about some more recent developments in and applications of applied behavior analysis. For this discussion, choose one theory or development which interests you. Then find one article from the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis International that describes an application of that area in a research study or research review. Be sure the article you choose is no more than 5–10 years old.

Please respond to the following:

  • First, briefly describe the area of interest that you are exploring.
  • Next, present a brief overview of the article you chose to review.
  • Finally, using your sources throughout the course, describe why (or why not) the article you reviewed supports the specific goals and dimensions of applied behavior analysis that have been examined throughout the course.

Review the resources that are available to you on the ABA Student Resource Website for becoming more fluent in the vocabulary of Applied Behavior Analysis. Discuss your favorite resources that are provided, and establish a plan for continued review and practice. What other methods for developing more fluency in your vocabulary can you think of? What methods have worked best for you during this term as you’ve learned the terms and concepts presented


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