the importance of genuine positive reinforcement

Giving and receiving feedback is essential for professional growth. I still remember a time when one super simple, but important feedback helped me to become much better. It was during my initial month as an RBT, my supervisor provided detailed feedback on my implementation of behavior intervention plans. She noted that while I was thorough in following the protocols, my interactions with the clients lacked a degree of natural reinforcement and enthusiasm. This feedback was impactful because it highlighted a sensitive yet crucial aspect of effective therapy: “the importance of genuine positive reinforcement”. As a result, I made a conscious effort to incorporate more naturalistic reinforcement strategies, which significantly improved client engagement and progress towards their goals.

I am generally very receptive to feedback from others. I believe that feedback, whether positive or constructive, is a tool for growth. However, there are moments when receiving critical feedback can be challenging, especially if it touches on areas where I perceive myself as capable. In such cases, I remind myself of the importance of maintaining a growth mindset and view the feedback as an opportunity for further development.

Reflecting on me delivering feedback, I recall a time during a group project in one of my high school classes, it was well-received. We were working on a presentation, and I noticed that while our content was strong, our delivery needed improvement. I suggested that we practice more as a team and work on our timing and transitions to ensure a smooth flow. Additionally, I emphasized the importance of each team member’s effort and contribution to achieving a polished final product

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