the importance of using available support to clients

Which of the following is a key aspect to consider when engaging in healthy kink practices? Group of answer choices Improving spontaneous scenes that are unscripted beforehand Pushing limits and boundaries during the scene Implementing a safety plan and continuing to check for consent Avoiding aftercare to avoid “catching feelings”

A student nurse is caring for a patient in the irreversible stage of shock. Which of the following statements shows the student nurse has an understanding of important interventions of this stage? Answers A-D A “When at the bedside, I should provide opportunities for the family to spend time with their loved one and help them to understand the Irreversible stage of shock. B “I will focus on protecting the client’s airway, optimizing intravascular volume, and initiating the early rehabilitation process for better outcomes in this patient” C “I will closely monitor fluid replacement therapy, and Inform the family that the client is likely to survive and return to normal life if we continue with aggressive fluid replacement. D “I will inform the client’s family that the client will likely not survive and instruct them time to make plans immediately to move forward.

Include an introduction for the topic “the impact of socio economic status on diabetic management and outcomes? How does the topic impact nursing

CHCCCS023 Why is it essential to communicate the importance of using available support to clients? Give examples of the different support services and resources that are available within your area

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