the methods by which cleanliness and freedom from pathogens

Maeve is an elderly resident of an assisted living facility. Although the nursing assistant is careful with wound care and infection protocol, Maeve still contracts a urinary tract infection that quickly becomes bacteremia. Maeve and other older residents of long-term care facilities are at risk for infections because they tend to: a. have more chronic health issues. b. feel pain more acutely.

Medical asepsis, or infection control, refers to the methods by which cleanliness and freedom from pathogens are maintained. Which statement about maintaining medical asepsis is true? a. Unused linens may be taken from one resident’s room to another’se. c. Items used on one resident should never be used on another. d. Nursing assistants allergic to latex should not wear gloves in the health care facility.

The school nurse notes several children developing a pustular rash on their faces and extremities following several days of fever and malaise. Which step should the nurse take next? Group of answer choices Evaluate scalp for excoriation marks and pediculosis Recommend a follow up with the pediatrician when better Assess their vaccine records for the varicella vaccine Notify the authorities of potential smallpox in the school

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