the most significant emergency-related situations that management

Generate a report of your findings that adheres to the following format: The report will be graded using this format.


    1. A description of the site that is being assessed
    2. A summary of the organization’s goals
    3. The key supply chain elements that are relevant to this organization
    4. The negative effects that business disruptions / emergencies may have on the organization.
  • Potential Emergency Analysis [You may focus on the fire exposure, unless there are more pertinent risks to focus on]
    1. In a table format, present a stratified list (i.e., from highest to lowest probability) of the potential emergencies that may confront the organization, the likelihood of the potential emergencies and the probable consequences. Don’t forget to include the table in the report. 
    2. A detailed analysis of one of the top fivepotential emergency situations
      1. The specific activities / measures that should be instituted to minimize the potential for this emergency situation to occur.

How the occurrence of this emergency situation would adversely affect both internal and external elements of the supply chain (see the course text for more information on supply chains and their relationship to emergency management practices

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