The order is to administer Ibuprofen liquid 470mg PO q8H PRN

Propose an example of providing appropriate ethical decision making when providing patient care to an older adult. Providing diagnostic testing regardless of financial status Enrolling a 90-year-old in an unauthorized clinical trial for dementia Documenting the completion of procedures that have not been completed Force feeding a hospice patient with end-stage renal disease

Tina is a nursing assistant in a long-term care facility. She dons gloves to clean a spill in Mr. Martinelli’s room before assisting him with ADLs. What should Tina do prior to assisting Mr. Martinelli with ADLs? a. Put on protective goggles. b. Don a clean gown. c. Give Mr. Martinelli clean linens. d. Remove her soiled gloves

A patient is admitted with fever over 39.5C. The order is to administer Ibuprofen liquid 470mg PO q8H PRN for fever greater than 38.5C. Ibuprofen is available as 500mg/5mL. You will administer _________ mL to the patient per dose

A resident calls Trent, a nursing assistant, into her room because she believes that her roommate, Jean, is choking on a cracker. Jean is sitting up in bed, holding her throat, with her eyes wide open. What should Trent do first? a. Call for help. b. Ask Jean if she can speak or cough. c. Move Jean into the recovery position. d. Position himself behind Jean.

These types of services beyond clinical care can be impacted by altered standards of care: • Staffing/patient ratios • Delivery of medications based on a triage-based system • Application of strict clinical guidelines Question 33 options: True False

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