the proximity to and length of time of the exposure.

A prenatal patient is in the tenth week of pregnancy. The patient believes there were exposed to rubella yesterday and is unsure of their immunization history. Which of the following responses by the nurse practitioner is appropriate? a. Rubella is not likely to cross the placenta and infect the fetus. b. The outcome of the pregnancy depends on the proximity to and length of time of the exposure. c. If the patient is determined to be seronegative, they can receive the MMR vaccine postpartum. d. A rubella titer should be performed. If seronegative, the patient should be immunized against rubella because immunization is less teratrogenic than the rubella virus


A mother is concerned about the growth of her 4-year-old and indicates that she feels that her child is behind the other kids. Explain an appropriate response regarding the growth and development of toddlers. Stranger anxiety is a factor with preschoolers. The child should be able to skip and hop on one foot. Trust versus mistrust is apparent in this age group. The child should be able to draw circles

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