the role of organizational readiness

Compare your proposed integrated PVAHCS model with the nonintegrated Phoenix VHA model, as described in the OIG report. Include each of the following eight points for each system in your comparison:

guidelines for leadership accountability

guidelines for transparency

leadership hierarchy structure

existing resources for addressing long patient waiting lists

  •   coordination of care across departments (e.g., emergency, mental health)
  •   key departments and services needed to collaborate to provide optimal care to veterans
  •   the areas or domains (e.g., clinical, operational, leadership, financial, ethical) that are the most vulnerable
  •   who is responsible for bearing the risks
  • B.  Discuss which structural characteristics and system failures in the PVAHCS contributed to each of the following OIG violations:
  •   clinically significant delays in care
  •   omission of the names of veterans waiting for care from its electronic wait list (EWL)
  •   noncompliance in following established scheduling procedures

organizational culture that emphasized goals at the expense of patient care

scheduling deficiencies systemic throughout VHA

1.  Explain how to systemically address the structural characteristics and system failures that contributed to each of the OIG violations discussed in part B.

C.  Provide a corrective solution from your proposed integrated PVAHCS for one identified OIG violation.

  • 1.  Explain which structural characteristics of the proposed integrated system would be most relevant in addressing the violation identified in part C.
  • 2.  Justify your reasoning for part C1.
  • D.  Create a new ERM plan for the violation identified in part C that is relevant to the Phoenix VHA as part of the proposed integrated PVAHCS. Include each of the following points in your ERM plan:
  •   strategies to identify potential risks
  •   tools for risk quantification

an appropriate risk response plan

the role of organizational readiness

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