The Seven Dimensions of Behavior

The Seven Dimensions of Behavior

By 1968, the philosophy of behaviorism was developed and laid a strong foundation for the more modern conceptualization of the science of applied behavior analysis. In 1968, Baer, Wolf, & Risley published the first article in the first volume of the newly minted Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. In this article, they described seven essential dimensions of applied behavior analysis that guide research and practice to this day. Many mark this event as the emergence of applied behavior analysis as a field. For this discussion, please review the assigned readings and the video in this unit.

Please respond to the following:

  • Name and describe each of the seven dimensions of ABA.
  • Describe Baer et al.’s (1968) rationale for presenting these as the foundation for sound research and practice in ABA.
  • What conclusions did Baer et al. (1987) reach when they reviewed the seven dimensions nearly 20 years later?
  • Based on your readings and the assigned video, what future directions might be important to consider (if any) in development of the seven dimensions?

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