Theoretical Framework & Intervention Development

Making Connections: Theoretical Framework & Intervention Development”

Final Course Assignment Instructions

REQUIRED High States Assignment: 25% of final grade

Students will be able to assess potential theoretical frameworks that could be used as the foundation for proposed intervention development to address a health concern within a local community. Building upon knowledge and practice skills discussed in this course and previous program curricula, students will apply this information to assess the potential applicability of a specific theory/model/framework in the creation of a health intervention. Through multiple modalities of writing, oral communication, and digital technology, students will express the importance of a specific theoretical frame to serve as the basis of strategy development in order to reduce a potential health concern facing a local community. Students will develop engaging materials to both educate and advocate for selecting a specific theoretical approach. Through this assignment, students will

·         Assignment includes 3 stages:

1.       Create an infographic theory selection statement including (5%)

a.       Brief information about the theory/model/framework (key constructs & overview)

b.       Brief preliminary statistics on focal health issue

c.        Brief statement why this theory/model/framework was chosen for this project

d.       General draft outline of infographic structure (see points from infographic elements)

2.       Design an infographic including (15%)

a.       Brief explanation and statistics related to focal health issue

b.       Brief background information on selected theory/model/framework

c.        Brief explanation of selected theory/model/framework

d.       Brief list of “pros/cons” of selected theory/model/framework

e.       Brief list of how selected theory/model/framework could be used to address focal health issue

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