To promote an ethical and diverse Lawrence campus 

Now that you have identified an issue, what would it mean to solve it? This step asks you to develop 7-10 infinitive statements, which are purpose and/or action statements. Think of these as articulating the PURPOSE of your intervention.

• All of your infinitive statements should begin with “To” and are followed by an action word (i.e., imagine, promote, inspire, etc…) with at least some of the W’s in close pursuit… who, what, when, where, and why.

• An example of a set of infinitive statements from a different project follows:

To promote an ethical and diverse Lawrence campus

To inspire and promote the change we believe in

To apply the four competencies in adaptive problem solving

2. After developing your 7 to 10 statements, write them on notecards or post-it notes and begin to sort your cards into categories. What ones seem to connect through common themes? Once you have sorted all of your statements into categories, name the categories. Use emotive and narrative words, and for help consult your word list as you think about naming these categories.

• Be creative and innovative with your word choices as you name the categories –what would inspire you? What would inspire others?

Part 2: Adaptive Solutions, Technical Answers

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