Understanding the role technology plays in advanced primary care

Understanding the role technology plays in advanced primary care to vulnerable populations is vital to ensure proper and timely diagnosis and treatment to improve healthcare outcomes for the patient. The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate one global burden of disease OR risk factor in the family population (pediatric, adult, or geriatric) and explore one current evidence-based technology use that can offer improvement of outcomes and access to the population chosen.

This assignment will focus on the following course student learning outcomes (CSLO):

1. Generate knowledge from clinical practice to improve practice and patient outcomes (EOPSLO# 4, 9).

2. Leads practice inquiry, individually or in partnership with others (EOPSLO# 2, 3, 4, 7).

3. Translates research and other forms of knowledge to improve practice processes and outcomes (EOPSLO# 9).

4. Evaluate the relationships among access, cost, quality, and safety and their influence on healthcare (EOPSLO# 3, 6, 9).

5. Collaborates in planning for transitions across the continuum of care (EOPSLO# 2, 7).

6. Integrates ethical principles in decision-making (EOPSLO# 6, 9).

7. Integrates appropriate technologies for knowledge management to improve healthcare (EOPSLO# 5).

8. Evaluate the effectiveness of the plan of care for the family, as well as the individual, and implement changes (EOPSLO# 8).


Instructions: Please choose one global burden of disease and one population (adult, pediatric, or geriatric). Once the population is chosen, find one evidence-based technology to help support the improvement of outcomes in the global burden of disease chosen.

You are to write a three-to-five-page paper in APA format 7th edition with the following sections and level 2 headings:

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