What are some of your roles and status

1.What are some of your roles and status’?  Do you ever experience conflict or strain in your various roles?  How do you participate in impression management?  Do you agree with social exchange theory?You are expected to read all material and prepare a reaction paper of 1-2 full pages (min. 600 to 1200 words) for each reading assignment.  These papers should discuss your analysis of the material and in particular how it relates to your life experience.

2. Reading the book called ”Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the United States by Seth Holmes”.Each of the three stages you have written are sections of your final paper. Copy and paste the three stages into a single document. This is the body of your paper. Now you will add a brief introduction and conclusion and create your final paper. Follow these steps: 1- For your conclusion, write one page explaining what connections exist between you and the people in the ethnography. What can you learn from the ethnography that impacts you and your community? 2-Then write a brief (one paragraph) introduction summarizing what your paper is about. 3-Edit your paper to take out any mistakes, repetitive information or awkward transitions.

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