What are the assistive technology devices

For this assignment, you’ll describe the characteristics of students with AUTISM… identify current research-based inclusive practices and the role of teachers in making adaptations in the classroom setting. Once you set up the definitions and describe characteristics, your project should demonstrate how you (as the general education teacher) achieve these objectives in the classroom.

Your presentation must also include:

1. The identification process/qualify for special education services (include any laws that apply).

2.  What specific classroom-based differentiations would you use in working with a student with the disability?

3. How would you adapt your lesson in mathematics, reading and writing for this student?

4.  What are the assistive technology devices to help enhance learning experiences in the general education classroom?

What are some of the causes of extremist racism in the United States? Describe either the impact of the Turner Diaries, or the importance of music to right-wing domestic extremist groups.

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