What are the two areas of perception and needs of the school and community

describe the social work issues that Jane Addams worked on and what he/she accomplished.

2) What important aspects of social work do you see exemplified Jane Addams

DropBox for Part A : School and Community Relationships for School Leaders


Start Assignment

This is one part of a state-wide common assessment that evaluates candidates’ abilities in developing effective school-based management/resource systems and school-community partnerships.  The overall information for the entire project is in one document within the Resource Module.

Part A:  Identify areas of perception and need as viewed by the school and school community. Interview school and community leaders, as per your professor’s directions, to gain insight about perceptions and document your sources.  (NELP 5.1, PSEL 8.C)

Using the information obtained in your interview assignments and research thus far, you will do the following:

In a narrative of no more than one to two pages (1-2), please address the following criteria:

  1. What are the two areas of perception and needs of the school and community?
  2. What is the uniqueness/diversity of families within this school community?

Using the template in the module, please fill in the following:

Strategies for collaboration and meeting the identified needs (at least two)

Short Term Goals (at least two)

Long  Term Goals (at least two)

Timeframe for Implementation

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