What are two strategies that you can use effectively

Read the attached PowerPoint and listen to the audio on the Topic of Explicit Strategies for Working with Clients’ Religious and Spiritual Issues.

(1) What are two strategies that you can use effectively?

(2) What does the counseling research say about using Forgiveness as an intervention?  Read at least one research-based articles about the use of Forgiveness as an intervention. Give an article critique/summary of and your reaction to this article. Give links to the article or upload a copy of the article.

(3) In the counseling literature, forgiveness as a technique to aid in emotional healing. How can you apply the experience of forgiveness to yourself personally?  What is something you need to forgive yourself and/or someone else for, and how can you use this as an intervention with a client. (At least a 1 page response). APA 7TH EDITION NO PLAGIARISM AND MUST PROVIDE PLAGIARISM REPORT

One way for school counselors to effectively reach many students is through the use of peer interventions. Find a relevant and current (published within the last 5 years) scholarly article about how school counselors are addressing student needs through a peer intervention. Be sure your journal article is unique from your peers. Include the APA citation for the article and the active permalink in your post, along with a discussion of the article’s relevance to your future profession.

This discussion question is informed by the following CACREP Standards:

2.F.8.b. Identification of evidence-based counseling practices.

5.G.3.m. Strategies for implementing and coordinating peer intervention programs.

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