What areas of the body are typically infected

Investigation of Microbial Diseases Assignment:

Chapters 21-26 in your eText contain valuable information on important microbial diseases associated with the following human body system:

  • Skin and Eyes (Ch. 21)
  • Nervous System (Ch. 22)
  • Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems (Ch. 23)
  • Respiratory System (Ch. 24)
  • Digestive System (Ch. 25)
  • Urinary and Reproductive Systems (Ch. 26)

Read each chapter and then pick one microbial disease from each chapter and write a short synopsis of the disease including:

  • What is the name of the disease?  What areas of the body are typically infected and what are the common characteristics of those organs?
  • Describe the symptoms.
  • Describe the treatments for the disease.

Topic: Analyzing the regulatory Impact of Proposed changes in Aspartame Guidelines: A Comprehensive RIAS Examination

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