What assessment data indicates the albumin administration

A nurse is caring for a client with cirrhosis after a paracentesis and administration of IV albumin. What assessment data indicates the albumin administration has NOT been effective? Select all that apply. a. increase in platelet levels b. increase in abdominal girth c. decrease in ammonia levels

The respiratory therapist has received an order for postural drainage and percussion for a patient whose chest x-ray indicates atelectasis of the posterior basal segment of the right lower lobe. The patient should be placed in which of the following positions to help drain this segment?

Which strategy would be primarily used to prevent postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) in clients who are in the third stage of labor? Select all that apply. One, some, or all responses may be correct. Proactively giving a uterotonic medication Utilizing a standardized PPH protocol Ensuring that the client’s bladder is empty Implementing the use of intramuscular oxytocin for all clients Administering prophylactic intravenous fluids

Explain how your views of nursing values in practice could change as you transition from a BSN to an MSN professional nurse. Ask yourself, what is a value that would carry over into your MSN role

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