What do we mean by aggregate indicators

) What do we mean by aggregate indicators?  Discuss the differences between the four methods discussed to create indicators. (5 marks).  Please refer to first PDF to answer the question. Do not use outside reference. Please write a 1 to 3 page answer

2) Controlled Experiments were discussed in class. Please explain how you can conduct controlled experiments as you race against time to develop a vaccine for an epidemic like the corona virus. (10 marks). Please provide references if needed and write a 2 – 3 page answer.

3) Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) helps us to make transparent decisions when we cannot quantify the regulatory impacts. It allows us to determine the criteria that are important to attain our goals and objectives. Using MCA principles, how can you help address the long wait times for patients that are waiting for urgent medical procedures. ( 5 marks) . Please refer to second pdf to answer the question and use reference if needed. Please write a 1- 2 page answer




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