What drug creates the most harm to society at large

Review Chapter 3 in the Fields text and accompanying lecture which focuses on drug-specific information.  Think about the variety of drugs (and alcohol) that can be abused.  Is there a particular drug that you think creates the most harm to the individual?

Discuss: In 150-200 words,

·        What drug creates the most harm to society at large?

·        Are they the same?

·        Which of the drugs of abuse is least harmful?

·        Support your reasons with evidence from the materials we have studied so far.

Question 4)

Review Chapter 11 in the Fields text covered co-occurring disorders and the condition that arises when a client has both a psychiatric diagnosis and a chemical dependency diagnosis.  Over the years, treatment approaches have changed from best practice being to treat one disorder first (either the psychiatric OR the chemical dependency) to now the most recommended approach being to treat them together in order to obtain best post-treatment success.

Discuss: In 150-200 words,

·        Do you agree with this change in treatment to address both disorders simultaneously, and why you think it is/isn’t the best course of treatment.

·        Which do you think occurs more often:  depression leading to substance abuse OR substance abuse then depression.  Support your position.

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