What information do patients need to know about opioid side effects

Content: Allergy case study Target audience Desired learning outcomes Setting Learners’ previous knowledge, skills, attitudes Method of delivery As a nursing educator, identify a teaching strategy that would enhance nursing students’ understanding of the case study and their ability to provide appropriate care for similar patients in the future

ignificant aspects: Discuss the three most important aspects from the two articles that impacted you the most regarding interprofessional collaboration between practice disciplines?

What information do patients need to know about opioid side effects? Select one: a. Drowsiness could be a sign that the dose needs to be decreased. b. Misuse, tolerance, and dependence can be prevented and managed with naloxone. c. Constipation usually goes away with continued opioid use because tolerance develops. d. Respiratory depression is only a risk for patients who don’t take their opioids as prescribed.


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