What insights and experiences might help you to understand and help other families?

Self-awareness is a never-ending process. You must detail the impact of this assignment on your self-awareness.  What did you learn about yourself? What areas do you need to monitor, so that your needs do not interfere with clients’ needs. What insights about your family did you learn about your family? What insights and experiences might help you to understand and help other families?

·       In the analysis, select and discuss family systems concepts and analyze your family through a developmental framework. You will demonstrate competence in analyzing family processes and dynamics.  Consider and give special attention to family systems theoretical concepts such as emotional cutoffs, boundaries, projections, major transitions and family patterns, family strengths, family rules, family, family structure, family communication, family power structure, and family roles. Do not forget nodal events and the impact of the family system during a development stage from the life cycle.

·       This assignment can be painful and difficult. Remember, all families have functional and dysfunctional characteristics that can vary depending on coping skills, life cycle stage, family interaction and functioning and other factors.

·       Multi-Systemic Ecomap: Students will also submit a visual multi-systemic eco-map drawing of your family of origin or family of marriage using the Ecological/Systems Model to analyze and apply two family issues from the genogram project. This is a comprehensive drawing to indicate understanding and application of the ecological/systems perspective. It also entails application of environmental systems to two family issues as shown on the genogram from your family of origin. All information pertaining to your family issues should be written and drawn on the eco-map.

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