What are the treatments for central retinal vein occlusion

A. Janella woke up one morning and couldn’t quite focus in her right eye. It was her day off, and she was lucky to get an appointment with the optometrist. Everything else seemed fine. Maybe she was a little tired, but she had recently had a mild case of COVID, and that was to be expected; she felt fine. The optometrist was concerned about the sudden onset and performed a digital retinal photograph. It revealed that she had central retinal vein occlusion.

  • Briefly, what is central retinal vein occlusion?
  • How might COVID cause central retinal vein occlusion?
  • What are the treatments for central retinal vein occlusion?
  • Why/how does it cause the blurry vision that Janella experienced?

For this part you will want to use Google and critical thinking to find your answers. Make sure you use reliable sources, like the Cleveland Clinic or National Institutes of Health, etc. Write your answers in a paragraph. (6 pts)

B. List the pathway for how visual information is conveyed from the retina to the primary visual cortex in the occipital lobe (you don’t need to write a paragraph, just list the steps). (2 pts)

You should use your book as a primary resource

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