What is the importance of de-prescribing



What is the importance of de-prescribing? How might you assist a patient to taper from a medication safely or transition to a new medication?

In this Assignment, you will use the following patient examples to write a 5- to 6-page paper on considerations you have for how you might de-prescribe. Support your answers with five (5) evidence-based, peer-reviewed scholarly literature resources outside of Required Learning Resources in this course.

Note: APA style format guidelines will apply.

Patient Examples:

Patient 1: A 36-year-old male presents to your office being prescribed by his primary care physician (PCP) for the past 3 years an opioid analgesic medication for a work accident. He has chronic pain and is attending a pain clinic. It is determined the best course of treatment for pain is to remain on opioid medication. The patient is also being prescribed clonazepam 1mg BID for “relaxation” and panic attacks.

Patient 2: A 42-year-old female on alprazolam 1mg BID for panic attacks. Panic attacks have been in remission and the patient wants to taper off the medication. But, every time she has attempted to do so in the past, she experienced withdrawal effects. She is wondering how to safely taper off the benzodiazepine medication without having withdrawal effects.

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