What is the moral position of Pi regarding his relationship with the natural environment

For your personal reading to deepen the understanding of our relationship with the environment, please read the writing of Pope Francis ′Laudato Si′. You can find it in the link below: https://www.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/encyclicals/documents/papa-francesco_20150524_enciclica-laudato-si.html Please answer the question posted at the last part of the lecture as an ONLINE TEXT (that means you have to type it directly into the provided section at the Moodle screen, do not send it as a Word file or PDF). Please be aware that Turnitin function will be applied. Reflection papers for 2nd to 6th Classes will have 6 as their maximum points.

QUESTIONS: What is the moral position of Pi regarding his relationship with the natural environment?  Does it reflect the moral position of Laudato Si in regards to our care for the common home?

Read chapter 1 in the textbook and review the related lecture notes.  Then post your answers the questions below in the discussion forum for Chapter 1, then post a comment to at least 2 other students:

1. What do you believe are the similarities and differences between Social Work and Social Welfare?

2. How you would describe your political ideology or beliefs regarding social or human services in American Society?

NOTE: The discussion forum will disappear 24 hours after the designated due date, so get your posts in before then

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