what resources and databases you might use to locate articles

  1. Acquire: Practice locating research articles that address the issue. Describe what resources and databases you might use to locate various types of articles for the issue. If you use the library resources to find relevant articles, see if you are able to find the same article using resources outside the university library. Were you able to access the article without using the library? Would you have had to pay for the article if you no longer had access to a university library? In your write-up of this section, discuss your .
  2. Appraise: Select one research study that you found related to the clinical issues and complete an assessment or evaluation of it using the guidelines from your textbook and the critiques from Weeks 6 and 7. Be sure to address the strengths and weaknesses of the study. Complete this critique section in paragraph format, being clear about which study you selected. Use your critique forms and resources from earlier weeks to guide this process and serve as references.
  3. Apply: Explain, in detail, how you would apply the research findings to your work with your presented clients in your case scenario (assuming the study is of quality).

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