What should staff members do if they encounter a suicidal consumer

What should staff members do if they encounter a suicidal consumer? * 5 points Keep the information to themselves to respect the individual’s privacy Take immediate action to ensure the individual’s safety and involve appropriate authorities or mental health professionals Offer to solve the individual’s problems for them Encourage the individual to keep their feelings to themselves

What is the first step to take if you suspect a consumer may be at risk for suicide? * 5 points Ignore the situation and hope it resolves itself Ask them directly if they are thinking about suicide Tell them to “cheer up” and focus on the positive aspects of life Refer them to a counselor without asking any questions

what stage of attachment to each child if toddler Freya (12 months) screams each time her mother leaves the service.

Most people who attempt suicide have communicated their intentions beforehand. * 5 points True False

Talking about suicide with someone who is struggling increases the risk of suicide. Asking someone if they are thinking about suicide can help them feel understood and supported Suicidal thoughts are always a sign of mental illness. Suicidal individuals are just seeking attention

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