What type of rock did you have drill into

Remember, when choosing a location for your oil site, look closely at the geology of the four locations.

Background tip: to import your picture as a background simply click the icon that looks like a folder with an up arrow coming out. This icon is located on the far left of the page under the video area, next to the sprite selection box. Images are linked below.

Attach the following for the assignment:

Part I.  Provide a link to the Scratch you created.   The file should minimally contain the background of the site you have chosen, and animation showing the layer to drill to obtain the oil and gas.

Part II.  Answer the following questions.

1. What site did you choose and why? (include in your rationale why the oil would be accessible in this location)

2. What type of rock did you have drill into? Why?

3. Why does the layering of the rocks make a difference when drilling for oil?

4. How does your drilling affect the local marine life?  What are the benefits?  What are the risks?

5. Does it seem worth it to do offshore drilling? Explain.

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