What was likely the portal of entry for Leslie’s infection

A patient has a gastrostomy tube (G-tube) in place due to dysphagia. The health care provider ordered medication orally. What action would be appropriate for the nurse to take? Question 16 options: Administer the oral medications as ordered Dissolve the oral medications in water and administer via G-tube Clarify order with pharmacist Clarify order with health care provide

Leslie does catheter care for George, a resident suffering from a generalized infection. Though she wears gloves for the procedure, urine splatters on her wrist, where she has an open cut. Leslie washes her hands thoroughly following the incident, but a few days later she becomes ill. What was likely the portal of entry for Leslie’s infection? a. Catheter b. Open cut c. Urine d. Water

APRNs need to stay updated on policy changes and know where they can find factual information. Ultimately APRNs can serve as content experts for policymakers and their staff. APRNs have the health care knowledge that policymakers need to stay relevant to their constituents’ needs. Discuss resources that you can use to stay current in government health care policy changes. Be specific with your response and share the names of publications, websites, and other resources you found to be useful.


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