What were its causes and lasting impacts on society and economy?

compare and contrast these 2 ideas 1-idea The ethical cases arising from her wish to quicken her death after being diagnosed with Dementia include; interfering with a cognitive person’s ability to make decisions and Caregivers leaving their patients to die. Though Margaret was diagnosed with Dementia, the judge argued that the fact she could open her mouth to accept food shows that her cognitive abilities were still functioning and that her ability to make decisions could not be passed to a third party. The fact that her family wanted her wishes to be fulfilled would mean that her caregivers would have to do a poor job to lead her to die faster and that is not ethically allowed as they are required to give their best care. 2-idea

The US Dust Bowl  Which decade was the “American Dust Bowl”, a tragic phenomena?

The dust bowl left a permanent mark in the social and economic setup. With the massive migration of workers and families, the decline in the farmland’s productivity and the lessons learnt henceforth, not only did the people change their ways of life but land as resource acquired new meaning in the way it should be used to create its sustainability  and avert future disasters as well.

What were its causes and lasting impacts on society and economy?

CSR Manufacturing is a sugar manufacturing company located in Shah Alam, Selangor. CSR also known as a well established company in term of thlee immntation of occupational safety and health program for the last 5 years. One of the secret towards an excellence implementation of safety and health program in the company is the hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control (HIRARC) approach which has been conducted once in every two years.

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