When can the protected title of an LPN be used

n LPN may demonstrate competence for a restricted activity by: Question 30Select one: a. Demonstrating initial competence by completing the required education. b. Restricting themselves in performing restricted activities to those that the registrant is competent to perform, as well as to those appropriate to the registrant’s area of practice and the procedures being performed. c. Communicating with their team members that they feel they may be able to perform the restricted activity on a client if requested to. d. All of the above.

When can the protected title of an LPN be used? Question 20Select one: a. Once a practical nurse school has issued a diploma. b. After registering with the CLPNA. c. Upon passing the CPNRE. d. While doing their practicum.

LPNs are required within their role as a nurse to be professionally responsible and accountable for any decisions and actions implemented within their practice. Question 25Select one: True False

When can a new graduate use the protected title of LPN? Question 23Select one: a. Immediately after graduating school. b. Upon successful completion of the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination. c. After sending an application to the CLPNA. d. Once they are an approved regulated member of the CLPNA

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