When you put your behavior change plan into action

Kemal hasn’t been successful in meeting his goal of walking two miles per day. Which of the following should you suggest to him? Multiple choice question. Tell him to take a break for a while and not worry about it. Explain that walking is not the best exercise anyway and perhaps he should try training for a marathon. Suggest that walking may not be something he enjoys enough and invite him to join you in your yoga class.

Regarding growth in early childhood, which of the following statements are true? Multiple select question. Head size is more in proportion to the rest of the body than it was during infancy. There is slow, steady increase in the percentage of body fat. Girls are significantly smaller than boys in early childhood. There is a slow, steady decline in percentage of body fat

When you put your behavior change plan into action, you should: Multiple select question. get as much support as possible from supportive people focus on yourself and avoid considering what is happening in your environment remember that you are in control of the behavior change avoid noting your progress in your health journa

Jean decides to quit smoking. Which of the following might be part of a successful action plan? Multiple select question. getting rid of all cigarettes in the house no longer going to the convenience store where she used to buy cigarettes asking friends to refrain from smoking in her company continuing to join her coworkers when they go outside for a smoke break

Under the Human Cardiac Information: The liquid portion of blood is called (one word, spell correctly )

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