which blood work would indicate the earliest abnormality to confirm the diagnosis?

Physical therapist dr. Pin Chen Lin is assisting a patient in a wheelchair upper ramp inclined at 15°. He’s pushing the patient up the ramp with a force of 200 newtons. What is the vertical force being produced as pin chePushes the patient

a patient complains of fever and throat pain. bilaterial exudate is present on the tonsils. THe patient describes having an anaphylactic reaction to penicillin in the past. What antibiotic should the nurse practitioner prescribe if she believes the causative agent is bacterial? A – amoxicillin-clavulanate (augmentin) B – erythromycin C – cefadroxil monohydrate (duricef) D – ceftriaxone (rocephin)

The nurse reviews the prescriptions for a client admitted with a acute myocardial infraction yesterday. The nurse sees a prescription for a cardiac stress test to be performed today which is the nurse is priority action.

The NANDA nursing diagnosis is: Risk for infection related to delayed healing of open wounds. The expected outcome is ST :The patient will demonstrate proper wound care techniques and adherence to prescribed treatment to prevent infection by the end of the first week of treatment and the LT expected outcome is: The patient’s wound will show signs of healing with no signs of infection within 4-6 weeks. What would be the best 5 nursing interventions with its rationals and reference citations

In a patient with Iron-Deficiency Anemia, which blood work would indicate the earliest abnormality to confirm the diagnosis? A. Transferrin B. Total Iron binding capacity C. Serum Iron D. Ferritin

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