Which of the following is the highest of the Indian castes

Which of the following is the highest of the Indian castes? Brahmans Untouchables O Vaisyas O Sudras O Kshatriyas

In conservative Pakistani American homes, girls may be pulled out of school at what grade to prevent mixing with boys? 9th O 6th O 5th O 4th

What does the housing crisis reveal about social structure and inequality in Australia and the potential for social change?

in their study of the impact of power distance in educational settings a research team used countries as their unit of analysis. this is an example of ecological level, hypothesis testing, linkage,or individual level

Which social institutions in Canada are to blame for the housing crisis in the country? How does it impact the affordability of housing?

How did observers respond to the report that 30 percent of all female-headed homes live below the poverty level? Group of answer choices Feminists mounted a campaign to revive marriage to give women access to men’s wages. Conservatives called on churches and relief agencies to create more day care centers. Liberals called for higher wages for women and better access to social services. Sociologists denied that the data supported the “feminization of poverty.”

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