Which personal protective equipment would be worn during the second stage of labor?

The industrial nurse provides care for a worker who has a radiation burn. The worker appears anxious and reports lower right, intermittent abdominal pain. Which action does the nurse take first? 1. Assess the abdominal pain. 2. Encourage the client to relax. 3. Obtain a prescription for pain medication. 4. Begin the decontamination process.

The charge nurse and a nurse who was assigned to care for that patient also received the same email from the nursing manager. The conflict was handled when the nurses and policies used active listening to the patient and created confidentiality between them and the patient. And reported the incidence to the nursing manager

what is the ranking order how many deaths does each drug cause in the U.S. each year from the following: Meth Heroin marijuana Ibuprofen Alcohol Cocaine Ecstasy LSD Morphine Mushrooms Crack Oxycontin Adderall Aspirin Nicotine Tylenol Valium Vicodin

Which personal protective equipment (PPE) would be worn by a nurse in the hospital delivery room during the second stage of labor? Select all that apply. One, some, or all responses may be correct. Cap Gown Sterile gloves Shield mask Sterile drapes

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