Which situation does the nurse attend to first

The nurse supervises care on the medical-surgical unit. Which situation does the nurse attend to first? 1. The unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) enters the room of the client diagnosed with Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia while wearing gown, N95 mask, and gloves

A patient is ambulating in the hallway and sustains a fall due to the failure to wear nonskid socks. The RN safely transfers the patient back into bed, obtains a set of vitals, and notifies the physician. After submitting an incident report, which of the following should the RN perform?

The nurse prepares to remove a central venous access device in a hemodynamically stable client. Which action by the nurse will help prevent the development of embolism during the procedure? 1. Place the client in an upright position. )2. Ask the client to hold breath during removal. 3. If resistance is met, continue to withdraw the catheter

Which of the following is correct regarding the removal of a gown after caring for a patient in contact precautions? A. O Gowns can be worn outside patient’s room i not soiled. В. О Gowns should be disposed of at the time of use and in patient’s room. с. О Gowns should be removed after exiting the room and disposed of in the hallway. D. O Gown should be removed in the room and disposed only if it is visibly soiled

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