Who is most responsible for the professional development of the LPN

How would you prioritize your care based on the best evidence for Ben? Explain

Who is most responsible for the professional development of the LPN? Question 2Select one: a. The LPN. b. The CLPNA. c. The employer. d. The clinical nursing educator.

In the context of health care, autonomy may be operationalized as: Question 38 options: a) Progressive care options b) Restricted choice c) Linked opportunities d) Informed consent

Katherine Murray discusses the concept of a “comfort basket” which is “a collection of non-pharmacological items that could be used to bring comfort and lessen the common symptoms experienced by clients who are dying” (Murray, 2014, p. 61). These items can be standard items that the HCA finds useful in most situations, but they can also be tailored to the likes of the client once the HCA gets to know more about them (Murray, 2014). Think about items you could bring in a comfort basket to assist with compassionate care of the client and list them here. Be prepared to share them in a class discussion (Murray, 2014).

Ana is 54 years old and is nearing the end of her life. She was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. At this time, the cancer has spread throughout her body and is causing her death. She is at home with her husband and two daughters, who provide some of the care for Ana. The HCA is involved with some ADL assistance as well as assisting the family with meals and light housekeeping.document Form

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