Why do you think Sexual reproduction is used by more advanced species

What is the total lateral force (unfactored) on a basement foundation wall that is 3.0 m high, with soil on the exterior up to ground floor level having a density of 18 kN/m3 and an internal friction angle of 28°. Calculate the lateral load based on a unit 1.0 m width of wall.

You have been appointed a member of the project management team at Anywhere Hospital charged with determining an information technology solution to a change in legislation that affects the hospital. Many members of the team are from the patient care discipline with limited understanding of the lifecycle process involved in IT project management. You have been tasked with educating your fellow team members about the lifecycle process in IT project management. Develop a presentation to meet your task.

What is the AIUM and SDMS? What are CME credits , how many are need to maintain our sonography license and how do we obtain them? (RDMS)

Why do you think Sexual reproduction is used by more advanced species, like mammals? Compare sexually reproducing species to asexually reproducing bacteria and other unicellular organisms? What are the advantages and disadvantages of sexual reproduction

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