Why is a virus characterized as being active

You have learned about prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells,and viruses. How would you differentiate between these three microorganisms? Use at three least characteristics for each organism. *Make a table or chart.2. Why is a virus characterized as being active or inactive versus being characterized as being alive or dead?3. Differentiate between a prophage and a provirus. *Make a table or chart.  Can a prophage and a provirus still cause an infection in a host? Explain your answer.4. Influenza is caused by a virus that has negative-sense RNA. If the RNA was injected into a cell, would it immediately cause an active infection? Yes or No. Explain your answer.5. If you are involved in developing an antiviral drug name two steps in lytic cycle that would need to be blocked so that the drug can effectively kill\inhibit the virus? Explain your answer.6. Suppose you have a bacterial cell that has undergone lysogenic conversion. Would this bacteria be more pathogenic to a human host? Yes or No. Explain7. During the synthesis phase the host cells nucleic acid (DNA) is broken down. Why is it important that the host cells nucleic acid destroyed and not the viral nucleic acid?

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